Plain and simple:



The fastest way you can utilize my experience to tackle your challenges: Send me (upon agreement) your concept, which I will then scrutinize and comment on. Possible topics include, for example, founding a business, business strategies, transition of your business, democratization, sustainability, resilience, …


One-on-one conversation

Some issues cannot be easily condensed into a single concept or are still in their early stages. If you have more open business questions than answers, collect them and send them to me (upon agreement). I will prepare accordingly and we can set up a call or a one-on-one conversation.


Group conversations and team building

If a group of people within your company are working on a specific issue, I would be pleased to join in. Proper preparation is important in this case as well, i.e. we should plan for the necessary time and measures in advance. We will arrange my behavior on-site beforehand: I can listen and observe in order to give group or direct feedback later on, join in the conversation at predefined points and interact with the participants, and/or moderate group conversations and team buildings throughout the entire process.